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Spring into Flavour: Celebrate the Season with Cool Ice Cream Specials

Spring into Flavour: Celebrate the Season with Cool Ice Cream Specials
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Spring into Flavour: Celebrate the Season with Cool Ice Cream Specials

As the sun shines brighter and the days stretch out, signalling that ice cream season is upon us, we're delighted to roll out a range of exclusive, tantalising ice cream deals from Eden Farm Hulleys. Embrace the warmer spring weather and enrich your shelves with a selection of the finest ice creams. This season not only marks the bloom of spring but also celebrates Eden Farm Hulleys' 60 years of trading. Get set to enthral your customers with these irresistible chilled and frozen delights, specially curated for April's vibrant spirit and the joyful anticipation of summer!

Magnum Spring Spectacular

Indulge in our NEW Magnum flavours that promise a paradise of taste in every bite:

Euphoria Pink Lemonade: A zesty twist on your classic treat, combining the tangy taste of pink lemonade with luxurious chocolate.

Chill Blueberry Cookie: Dive into a refreshing concoction of blueberry ice cream with cookie bits, all encased in a thick chocolate shell.

Cornetto Innovations

Our Cornetto range gets a twist with a NEW addition that's soft, creamy, and utterly irresistible:

Cornetto Soft Cookies & Chocolate: Satisfy your cravings with a soft-serve spin on the beloved combination of cookies and chocolate.

Twister Berry-licious

Twist your tongue around our NEW Twister Mixed Berries, a spiralling sensation of berry ice cream flavours twisted into one delightful experience that's wonderfully crafted to "berry-liciously" change your tongue's colour! Make sure to stock up on this playful treat which is sure to grab attention with its vibrant colours and delicious taste!

As your customers shed their winter coats and reach for something sweet and cool, ensure your store is their first stop! Eden Farm Hulleys is teaming up with Walls to introduce the 'Spring Starter Deal', a series of special offers designed to help you meet the seasonal surge with the best in frozen treats.

The 'Spring Starter Deal' - A Cool Collaboration

Boost Your Inventory and Savings!

Wall’s Retail Impulse Promotions: Stock up on any 6 case of our select ice creams and we’ll add another case at no extra charge OR for the ultimate inventory boost, purchasing any 9 cases means you’ll get 3 cases completely free!

Buy 6, Get 1 Free, Buy 9, Get 3 Free

Prime Picks from the Core Range

Dive into our core selection, featuring Magnum's richness, Twister's zest, Feast's indulgence, Cornetto’s classic cone, and Solero's freshness—all included in this promotion to cater to every customer's preference.

Get Ready for the Spring Fling

As temperatures rise, so does the desire for those perfect ice cream treats. With the latest April 2024 Catalogue out now, discover how Eden Farm, an industry leader in ice cream, also offers a vast selection of frozen food and chilled goods to complement your store's collection. Make sure to peruse the CORE range (on page 25 of the catalogue) where you'll find the market’s leading brands brought together at exceptionally competitive everyday prices. With Eden Farm Hulleys by your side, you're fully equipped to keep your freezers stocked and your customers delighted this spring.

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