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Celebrating Grocery Aid Day at Eden Farm Hulleys: A Sweet Success!

Celebrating Grocery Aid Day at Eden Farm Hulleys: A Sweet Success!
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Celebrating Grocery Aid Day at Eden Farm Hulleys: A Sweet Success!

At Eden Farm Hulleys, we recently celebrated Grocery Aid Day with enthusiasm and a deep commitment to making a difference. This special day was marked with various fun activities and events, all aimed at supporting an incredible cause. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, especially Lisa H, Lisa Murphy, Louise, Michelle A, and Chloe, who tirelessly wandered the corridors to organise collections and support the day's events.

Grocery Aid Day is not just about raising funds; it's about coming together as a community to support our colleagues in the grocery industry during tough times. This year, we aligned our efforts with Mental Health Awareness Month, highlighting the crucial support Grocery Aid provides, not just financially but also through emotional support and counselling services.


Sweet Treats and Soaked Shirts!

The day was filled with laughter, especially for those who participated in the "stocks," where volunteers got soaked much to the amusement of their colleagues. Amidst the fun, we hoped the ice cream provided a sweet treat and a bit of respite from the excitement and the summer heat.


Contests and Champions

Our competitive spirit was showcased through several contests. Congratulations to Bev Johnson, who won the Baked Bean eating contest, walking away with a £10 LTS voucher. In our interdepartmental challenge, Sam Argue from Finance & Pricing not only won bragging rights for the coming year but also a £20 LTS voucher and, humorously, a tin of Heinz Baked Beans!

The "How Many Sweets in the Jar" contest was another highlight, with Lisa Murphy guessing the closest number. Well done, Lisa!


A Successful Fundraiser for a Worthy Cause

It's important to remember that all the fun and games were for a noble cause. All the money raised during these events was donated to Grocery Aid, supporting those in our industry who need it the most. It’s a reminder of the strength of our community and the support network we have through Grocery Aid.


From everyone at Eden Farm Hulleys, we thank each participant, volunteer, and organiser who contributed to making Grocery Aid Day a memorable event. Let’s continue to champion the incredible work done by Grocery Aid and look forward to another successful event next year!

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