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Chill out! Combining your frozen and chilled deliveries is easy with Eden

Chill out! Combining your frozen and chilled deliveries is easy with Eden

Chill out! Combining your frozen and chilled deliveries is easy with Eden

Think back; how did you first hear about Eden Farm? We’re guessing it was something to do with freezers… We’re best known as a big name in frozen food, after all. But did you know we started out as a regional supplier of fresh groceries? Chilled goods are in our DNA, and we’ve recently made filling your fridges even easier by offering the opportunity to combine your frozen and chilled deliveries. What’s more, deciding to combine has a huge impact beyond streamlining your business: it saves you time, shrinks your carbon footprint… and there might even be some freebies in the mix, too.

Save time

Our next-day delivery service takes the headache out of wholesale; we’ve got depots up and down the country which enable us to tackle orders quickly. Transporting your chilled and frozen orders together makes matters even more efficient; a more streamlined process at every step, from ordering to delivery day. You only have to place and receive one order, which saves a lot of time. 

Exceptional quality

When you consolidate your chilled and frozen orders with Eden Farm, you’re getting Eden Farm quality across the board. We take our reputation really seriously, which is why we only stock the best quality brands, from independent ice cream manufacturers to high street fast food favourites.

Get expert help

Our telesales team really know the market, so if you’re thinking of combining your chilled and frozen deliveries, it’s worth getting in touch. We’ll help you take a look at what sells well for you, and how we can meet your needs in a combination order. We’ll also let you know of any new products on the market, so you can shop with confidence that you’re giving your customers what they’re looking for.

Top of the range transport

We’ve been expanding our fleet to include refrigerated vehicles with multi-zone temperature control. This means we can keep your orders perfectly chilled until they reach you; after all, your peace of mind is our priority. 

Reducing your carbon footprint

As well as adding top-of-the-range refrigerated lorries to the line-up, we’ve invested in larger vehicles that are built to spec, too. These trailers can carry almost double the number of pallets than some of our others, which means we have more capacity to combine large orders. 

Easy re-ordering

Our new website has a fantastic Favourites section which shows you everything (chilled and frozen) that you’ve ordered before. It’s another timesaving element that we’re incorporating to make life much easier for you.

And don’t forget the great deals

Every month, we offer fabulous fresh deals when you hit a certain spending threshold. It makes a lot of sense to combine your frozen and chilled orders with Eden Farm because we reward your loyalty with a combination of discounts and free premium produce. Simply check out our monthly promotions and pick the one that’s right for you.

Let’s combine

We’d like to chat about consolidating your chilled and frozen orders. Give us a call on 0191 586 1111; we’ve got lots of options to share with you!