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Chill Out: We Stock Ambient And Chilled Products Too!

Chill Out: We Stock Ambient And Chilled Products Too!

Chill Out: We Stock Ambient And Chilled Products Too!

Ever heard that famous saying: ‘It’s like killing two birds with one stone’? It’s all about the perceived luck of being able to do two things at once, without expending additional energy or effort. 

For Eden Farm customers, you’ll now be able to enjoy your own version of this. We could even call it ’Stock two shelves with one phone’...okay, maybe not. 

But joking aside, we wanted to share an underutilised fact with our customers: we stock a wide range of ambient and chilled products too, which you can order from us when you’re buying your standard frozen goods. With our excellent record in customer service and fast nationwide delivery network that offers slots 6 days a week, you can source all of your wholesale goods from a supplier you trust. 

So you may know us as the ice cream and frozen stock suppliers, but what else do we offer? Here’s a look at some of our ranges…

Chilled & Fresh

It’s probably not that surprising that a frozen food wholesaler also supplies chilled products, but we still find customers shocked to discover we have an entire chilled line that includes popular drinks, snacks, spreads and meats. From simple one-off items your customers may grab in a hurry such as Yazoo milkshakes or a Peperami, to fridge-filling classics like Lurpak and Bernard Mathews, we can supply everything you need to make your fridge section appealing to all types of customer.

Fruits & Vegetables

While these are technically part of our chilled range, we’re highlighting them here just so our customers know that they can help instil healthier eating in the UK by adding some fruit and veg staples to their shelves. We can offer fresh grapes, apples, oranges and more for your customers – as well as classic vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes and carrots. 


If you’re selling lots of ice cream on a warm sunny day, you may also find success selling chilled alcoholic drinks. We’ve got a fantastic range that includes beers and lagers, ciders, spirits and even champagne and fizz so you can keep your customers happy if they’re throwing summer garden parties or BBQs. 

The ranges above are all just part of our entire chilled and ambient offering. As your frozen supplier, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for excellence and we hope that knowing our wider range will give you the confidence to choose us for more of your product needs and cut down on complexity in your supplier choices. Get in touch to enquire today.