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Delight Your Customer’s Pooches With Ice Cream For Dogs

Delight Your Customer’s Pooches With Ice Cream For Dogs

Delight Your Customer’s Pooches With Ice Cream For Dogs

The world of retail is competitive – with many small shops losing out to supermarkets. One of the best ways to increase your sales is to be a part of your community and offer something different. 

Well, what about catering for your customers' four-legged friends? Britain is a nation of dog lovers and 27% of the total population owns a dog! That’s a big audience for you to sell to. In addition to classic dog supplies like waste bags, treats and dog food, why not bring a smile to your customer’s faces and a waggy tail to their furry pals with dog ice cream? 

We’re a proud wholesaler of dog ice cream and can supply retailers across the country with delicious dog-friendly frozen desserts. Contact us today to learn more. 

Is ice cream okay for dogs? 

Let’s get this out of the way first – dogs can eat normal dairy ice cream. Dogs are omnivores so it’s fine for them to eat some, but many dogs will get an upset stomach quickly if they eat ice cream. That’s because, like humans, some dogs have issues digesting dairy products. Even those that don’t have an intolerance shouldn’t have too much ice cream as it’s highly calorific and can lead to canine obesity. 

Furthermore, some ice cream brands contain ingredients that are highly toxic to dogs. Any ranges that contain xylitol, nuts or chocolate can cause issues and are best avoided,

Luckily some brands such as Frozzys have thought of ways around this and have released ranges specifically aimed at dogs, so our canine companions don’t have to miss out on hot summer days. 

What is dog ice cream? 

Ice cream for dogs is made with specific nutrients in mind to help support canine nutrition and aid digestion. We stock Frozzys, a range made with probiotics and specifically catered ingredients that are designed to reduce instances of canine obesity without reducing the deliciousness of ice cream! 

We sell our Frozzys ranges in bulk, but you can offer your customers either single cartons of Frozzys Original Frozen Yogurt for Dogs or store-at-home four packs. Expand your offering and sell more frozen desserts by catering to man’s best friend with Eden Farm Hulleys. Visit our dog ice cream page to learn more.