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Welcoming Fay Bingley: Eden Farm's Newest HR Business Partner

Welcoming Fay Bingley: Eden Farm's Newest HR Business Partner
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Welcoming Fay Bingley: Eden Farm's Newest HR Business Partner

We are delighted to announce Fay Bingley as the latest member of our team at Eden Farm. Fay joins us as an HR Business Partner, bringing with her a wealth of experience from her previous roles in logistics, retail, and technology sectors, including notable companies like DHL and Amazon. Originating from South Shields, Fay's career trajectory encompasses a diverse background that began in nursing, providing her with profound insights into empathetic and people-centric approaches, which she now applies to her role in human resources.

From Nursing Studies to HR Leadership

Fay's academic background in nursing, followed by her pursuit of a degree in human resources, showcases her capacity for growth and adaptability. This unique educational pathway has equipped her with a versatile skill set, making her well-prepared to address the distinctive challenges at Eden Farm with innovative and tailored HR strategies.

Distinctive HR Approach: Adaptable, Empathetic, Innovative

Fay characterises her approach to human resources as adaptable, empathetic, and innovative. Her ability to customise solutions ensures that our HR initiatives are aligned with organisational needs. Her empathetic disposition enhances her interactions, fostering a deep connection with colleagues at all levels, while her innovative mindset encourages creative problem-solving within our HR practices.

Personal Interests: Unwinding and Indulgences

Beyond her professional life, Fay is an avid football fan and holds a season ticket to SAFC, reflecting her passion for the sport. She also enjoys indulging in her favourite ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s, which is naturally available at Eden Farm.

Strategic Vision for HR at Eden Farm

As Fay settles into her new role, she is eager to leverage her extensive background to advance our HR initiatives, promote a supportive work environment, and contribute to the progressive culture at Eden Farm. Her blend of professional skills and personal interests makes her an excellent addition to our team, enhancing the diverse and dynamic community at our organisation.

“I am delighted to join Eden Farm as the newly appointed HR Business Partner. I am looking forward to meeting all departments and visiting the sites to connect with the teams driving our operations. I am excited to work with you all to support and drive the continued growth and success at Eden Farm.” 

- Fay Bingley, HR Business Partner, Eden Farm

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