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Fresh & Chilled Delights: Discover Eden Farm's Premium Branded Fresh Food Offerings

Fresh & Chilled Delights: Discover Eden Farm's Premium Branded Fresh Food Offerings
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Fresh & Chilled Delights: Discover Eden Farm's Premium Branded Fresh Food Offerings

Eden Farm, a leading UK supplier of frozen foods, has expanded its horizons and now offers a premium line of fresh and chilled products. Here's how Eden Farm is elevating the standard of fresh food offerings:

An Exceptional Range of Fresh and Chilled Goods

Understanding the need for diversity in food products, Eden Farm's fresh and chilled line caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. Their range is thoughtfully curated, ensuring that you can source top-quality ingredients to delight your customers.

For those seeking dairy products, Lurpak is an excellent choice. Renowned for its rich taste, it's a versatile ingredient perfect for cooking or as a simple spread on freshly baked goods.

For both business and retail alike - to the health-conscious consumers, Eden Farm offers a selection of fresh produce all the way through to healthy snacking. Alpro continues to lead the way with a build on their plant-based drinks with an increased desert range available. 

For your customers with a sweet tooth, Eden Farm has worked with our key partners. The dessert category continues to be driven with products like Nomadic Yoghurts, Cadburys yogurt and Müller Corners.

Big brand partners support the sales opportunity with Eden Farm, and we are delighted to have worked on range development with Mondelez, to bring you large product extensions including, 2 new Lunchable lines, Cadbury’s Buttons & Cadburys Fingers. 

And for meat lovers, Eden Farm provides a selection of high-quality chilled meats, including Broad Oak Farm.  Meat snacking is well served with the flavour offers of Grabit.


User-friendly Online Ordering System

The convenience of Eden Farm’s online ordering system extends to their fresh and chilled offerings too. The process is straightforward: you simply browse the catalogue, choose the products you require, and schedule a delivery directly to your business.

Last-minute additions or adjustments to your order can be made with ease, ensuring you can adapt to changing customer demand. With the option to set up recurring orders, keeping your fresh and chilled stock up to date has never been simpler.

Consistent Quality You Can Rely On

Eden Farm takes pride in delivering only the highest quality products. Their fresh and chilled line is no exception. They source their fresh goods from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing your business gets the best.

In addition, their rigorous cold chain management process ensures that the freshness and quality of these goods are preserved from the moment they leave the supplier until they reach your doorstep.

In conclusion, Eden Farm is more than just a frozen foods supplier. Their expansion into fresh and chilled products offers a comprehensive, high-quality selection that can meet the diverse needs of any food business. With their easy online ordering system and dependable delivery network, sourcing quality fresh and chilled goods is just a few clicks away. Explore the fresh and chilled delights Eden Farm has to offer and elevate your food business to the next level.