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Heatwave Incoming: Stock up on Ice Cream to Keep Customers Cool

Heatwave Incoming: Stock up on Ice Cream to Keep Customers Cool

Heatwave Incoming: Stock up on Ice Cream to Keep Customers Cool

According to Met Office forecasts, the UK is in for a heatwave. Some would argue that in the midst of poor 2022 weather, it’s a much-needed splash of sunshine. However, weather warnings predict temperature will soar to 27°C and will be interspersed with thunderstorms. 

The heatwave comes as a result of a plume of warm air from Africa. As a retailer, you probably already know that these unusual heatwaves strike every year in various severities – with record-breaking temperatures hitting us in 2021. So, while this sudden May spike will bring some hotter-than-normal weather, it’s nothing you can’t prepare for. 

Be ready for this heatwave and all future ones by stocking our most in-demand ice cream products and frozen treats. We offer 1 to 2-day delivery windows to keep you topped up if demand peaks, and can help you advise on the best ways to store your stock to keep it at the right temperatures.

Here are some of our favourite choices for cooling snacks when the heatwave hits…


Give customers what they crave at home

The COVID-19 pandemic made everyone just that little bit more familiar with their home comforts. A continuing preference for staying-at-home shows no signs of abating, with customers across the UK often choosing to stock up their own freezers for a night in rather than heading out. 

When heat waves hit, this often means heading to your shop to pick up a cooling tub of ice cream. We’re proud to provide a whole range of ‘take home’ ice cream tubs, including the ever-popular Ben & Jerry’s as well as the more traditional Mackies ice cream. 


Bonus tip!

As a retailer, why not add some value to your customers and help them out with some advice on keeping ice cream frozen at home. While it is perfectly healthy to refreeze ice cream that has thawed a little, your customers should not be refreezing any ice cream that melts entirely as it carries a risk of foodborne illness. 


Tap into impulse ice cream buying

Google receives an influx of ‘ice cream’ searches every time the weather peaks – with UK consumers growing keener for all forms of ice cream between May and August. 

As a retailer, you need to provide easy access to satisfy the peak cravings of consumers when they strike. If you’ve not already stocked up, you’ll lose out against a competitor who has. Our Impulse section has you covered - we’ve got a curated range of one-off frozen goods that customers will love.

From refreshing ice lollies to smaller serving tubs of ice cream, all of our Impulse goods are ideal to be stored near your tills in a frozen point of sale unit – giving you more opportunities to win custom when the mercury rises and people crave a cooling ice cream snack.

Heatwaves remind us of the power of preparation! With all of the biggest brand names stocked right here at Eden Farm, you can be ready for any upcoming hot weather periods with a great selection of ice creams, ice lollies and frozen desserts. If you’ve been caught short during this recent sunny period, we can deliver to your store within 1-2 days! Click here to get started.