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Ice Cream vs Sorbet: Which Is Best to Stock?

Ice Cream vs Sorbet: Which Is Best to Stock?

Ice Cream vs Sorbet: Which Is Best to Stock?

Things are heating up, with summer now well and truly here. As the temperature rises, your customers will be looking for tasty ways to keep cool – flocking to pick up their favourite ice creams and potentially even sorbet. Surprisingly, lots of Brits don’t actually know what sorbet is, despite how versatile and refreshing it can be. 

Often perceived as the somehow ‘inferior’ version of ice cream, sorbet is actually an entirely different form of frozen dessert. Where ice cream is a mixture of flavouring with milk or dairy, sorbet is a mix of fruit and water. This difference is the main reason why ice cream is far ‘creamier’ in texture whereas sorbet is more ice-like. 

Sorbet was one of the first frozen desserts ever developed, beginning as a combination of ice and fruit and evolving into its modern-day formula, which is ice, sugar, fruit syrup and flavourings. There are countless flavour variations available, but almost all are based on the fruit they derive from. 

Why stock sorbet?

Unlike ice cream, sorbet is usually dairy-free, making it suitable for vegans or those with lactose intolerance. However, some brands still include milk powder or dairy in their sorbet so it’s worth checking the ingredients before you list it for your customers. 

In addition, depending on the brand and flavour, sorbet typically avoids the main allergens that afflict British people, with all 14 major allergens absent from the majority of sorbet brands. 

Compared to ice cream, sorbet is usually lower in fat but higher in sugar. Modern alternatives are changing sugar for sweeteners, making them healthier provided your customers don’t mind artificial sweeteners. 

In terms of taste preference, sorbet gives customers ready access to a more flavour-packed mouthful – with each mouthful providing more sharpness than ice cream due to the way it is made. Ice cream is whipped before it’s frozen, which results in that creamier taste profile – whereas sorbet isn’t. It is often used as a palate cleanser between other meals and is ideal if your shop is located near a seaside takeaway and you want to give customers something refreshing between their fish and chips and whatever they eat next. 

Here at Eden Farm Hulleys, we’ve got a great selection of sorbet for you to choose from. From soft serve options to satiate customers on the hottest of days through to take home tubs, you’ll find everything you need right here on our store with fast delivery and exceptional customer service.