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Ice, ice, baby! Why Choose Eden Farm for Ice Cream?

Ice, ice, baby! Why Choose Eden Farm for Ice Cream?

Ice, ice, baby! Why Choose Eden Farm for Ice Cream?

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream. It’s a year-round staple, from impulse buys in the summer to tubs to scoop with pudding as the weather turns, so when you’re looking for an ice cream supplier, a lot of factors come into play. You want industry expertise, plus a wide range of products to choose from. Oh, and a fast turnaround from ordering to filling up the freezer. At Eden Farm Hulleys, we offer all that, plus a personal touch. 

We’ve been big in the ice cream game since the 1980s when Wall’s appointed us as a concessionaire, and our extensive experience is evident throughout our business. Our telesales experts are ice cream aficionados, well versed in everything we stock, from family-owned independents to our big name and challenger brands, and they love to chat to other ice cream fans (that’s you!) about their requirements; but before you call, let’s take a look at what we can do for you.


We’re constantly on the lookout for the next big impulse ice cream trend, which is why our range is always growing. We keep up to date with what the big hitters are doing, but also like to support emerging brands. Case in point, exciting ‘Ice Cream Adventure’ newcomer Nuii, a fast-growing contender in the indulgent sticks sector. We’ve been behind Nuii from the start and are delighted to offer its exciting range of innovative flavours alongside other, more established impulse ice creams.

For the van

We stock ice cream mixes for machines as well as tubs and individually wrapped cones and lollies — so if ice cream is big business for you and you like to offer all sorts, Eden Farm is a great option for buying across the board.


We like to back fellow family businesses whenever we find them. Beechdean, Loseley and Marshfield Farm are some of the most respected independent ice cream artisans in the country, and we’re proud to provide you with a platform to access their delicious offerings. Choosing Eden Farm as your ice cream supplier means you can pick a more diverse and interesting portfolio of treats for customers to choose from.

Big Names

Of course, we stock the classics, too, from pre-packaged 99 Flakes to magnificent Magnums. We’re also big fans of chocolate bar crossovers, stocking all the usual suspects (Mars, Snickers and Bounty) as well as slightly more niche flavours such as Toblerone and Biscoff. 


It’s important for us to think about who isn’t covered by the ice cream market, and we like to meet those people with alternatives wherever we can. We have a host of non-dairy options in our catalogue, for example.


One huge plus about choosing Eden Farm as your ice cream supplier is that we offer all the bells and whistles, too! And by bells and whistles, we mean cones and tubs, of course. Come to us for ice cream, and you can also order your strawberry sauce, sugar strands and spoons to arrive at the same time.

Give our expert team a ring on 0191 586 1111 and we’ll see what (n)ice deals we can come up with for you!