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Ice Lollies for the Summer: How to Keep Customers Cool

Ice Lollies for the Summer: How to Keep Customers Cool

Ice Lollies for the Summer: How to Keep Customers Cool

The summer of 2022 may go down as one of the hottest on record – especially considering soaring July heatwave temperatures which broke all existing records. As a retailer, you’ll probably notice a boost in sales of ice lollies and ice cream as well as cold drinks, provided you have a freezer to stock them. If you don’t, you might be missing out on soaring profits! 

Ice lollies are often overlooked against ice cream in terms of popularity and retail preference – as they are cheaper and less heavily marketed than the likes of Ben and Jerrys, Halo, Magnum etc. However, for retailers, ice lollies provide the perfect way to keep customers cool and up your profits – especially if you have a point-of-sale freezer display stocking single lollies. 

In fact, with recent news about the fat content of ice cream and the temperatures rising, it may even be in your best interest to educate your customers on the benefits of ice lollies! Here are some of the top questions you might get asked that can help you sell more. 

Do ice lollies help dehydration? 

Yes - as a water-based dessert ice lollies will indeed help rehydrate your customers, but should be combined with other forms of hydration. The temperature of the ice will cool internal temperatures and the water content will help satiate thirst – but some lollies will be even more effective if they contain higher levels of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium etc. 

How long do ice lollies last in a freezer? 

Ice lolly products are easier to store than some ice cream brands as they don’t run the same risk of overfreezing or thawing and being rendered inedible. Ice lollies stored at the correct freezer temperature will last for as long as their expiry date advertises. Typically this can be 8-12 months. 

Are ice lollies healthier than ice cream? 

If your customers are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you can recommend ice lollies as a refreshing alternative to ice cream. Lollies made primarily of fruit syrup and water are lower in caloric content than most ice cream. However, they are still high in sugar which is something to be aware of – but really, who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of indulgence with their frozen treats? 

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