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Keep your cool! Three things to look for in a frozen food supplier

Keep your cool! Three things to look for in a frozen food supplier

Keep your cool! Three things to look for in a frozen food supplier

Frozen food forms a cornerstone of the modern kitchen; from Monday night’s meat feast pizza to Friday’s fish and chip supper, studies show we dip into our freezers several times a week. That’s big news for grocers, supermarkets and frozen wholesalers, and it doesn’t end there: the European frozen food market is forecast to grow by $36bn by 2026. Fancy a slice of this (delicious from frozen) pie? You’ll need an excellent frozen food supplier then, and at Eden Farm, we’re here to help. Here are the top three things to think about when you’re considering us as your frozen distributor.

Market knowledge

We’ve been supplying frozen food since the 1970s… suffice to say we know our fish pie from our 99 Flakes! We stock an exciting range of the world’s most recognisable brands, and we’re committed to providing what our customers want; for example, we’ve recently upped our vegan offerings substantially. We’ve also always been into our ice cream — our unparalleled range of impulse ice cream is testament to that — and we’re interested in the new directions that the industry is taking. (Check out our range of canine-friendly fro-yo, for example… because dogs deserve treats too!)

National presence

At Eden Farm, we know we’re only as fresh as our food. That’s why we’ve got a national network of 26 depots and a 150-strong team of drivers, meaning minimal transit time between our freezer and yours. In the 90s, we became the biggest frozen food and ice cream wholesaler in the country, and since we were acquired by Kitwave in 2014, we’ve been able to diversify even further, offering global export and faster delivery time.

Excellent customer service

Eden Farm started out as a local brand, and despite our global outlook, we retain the small business mentality when it comes to looking after our customers. We pride our team of expert representatives on their market knowledge and their commitment to customer convenience. When you begin a business relationship with Eden Farm, we share decades of experience with you and offer product knowledge tailored to your needs, so that you can grow your sales.

Ready to chat?

Our telesales operatives are waiting for your call. Give us a ring on 0191 5861111 and we’ll fix up some (n)ice deals.