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Veganuary is easy with Eden Farm Hulleys

Veganuary is easy with Eden Farm Hulleys

Veganuary is easy with Eden Farm Hulleys

After all the fun and festivities of December, the new year is often the time that people look to get fit and healthy. We set goals for ourselves, whether it’s giving up alcohol for Dry January, a new year’s resolution to exercise more or a healthy eating kick. One of the biggest January trends of the past few years is Veganuary; since it kicked off in 2014, participation has increased by more than 50% year on year. So what is this big phenomenon, how do people engage with it and how can you support your customers who are getting in on the Veganuary action?

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is actually a UK-based charity that encourages people to try a vegan diet and lifestyle during the month of January. However, its name is now used by supermarkets, restaurants and brands to push their vegan ranges and open up customers to the possibilities of a fulfilling and delicious diet free from animal produce. As more and more consumers aim to make conscious choices when shopping for products from clothes to food, vegan and vegetarian diets are increasingly popular from an eco perspective, too, due to their smaller carbon footprint.

How do people compromise on Veganuary?

Not everyone wants to go fully vegan, even for a month. At Eden Farm Hulleys, we reckon waving goodbye to cheese would be far too tricky. Customers like us might go vegetarian instead, or opt for a pescetarian diet, which involves cutting out meat but continuing to eat fish. Others may become ‘flexitarians’, eating veggie some days; for example, they might adhere to Meat Free Mondays – a campaign launched by Paul McCartney in 2009 which highlights the impact that one meat-free day a week can have on the planet.

What products are out there for vegans?

The number of vegans and vegetarians is rising rapidly, and it’s predicted that the meat-free food market will be worth $162bn globally by 2030. Everywhere from fast food stalwarts to Michelin-starred restaurants now offer vegan dishes, and supermarkets and food producers are following suit, with an amazing range of options. Plant proteins create excellent meat-free minces, sausages and even steaks, while foods that are traditionally made from dairy now have vegan equivalents, with great yogurt, milk and cheese alternatives. Traditional meat-free products like falafels and tofu are also having a resurgence as chefs find new and innovative ways to use them.

What does Eden Farm stock for customers taking on Veganuary?

We’ve got a great range of vegan and vegetarian food to stock both freezers and fridges. Pick up everything from Goodfella's vegan pizzas to Quorn ready meals, dairy-free ice cream to plant-based milk (pick from soya, coconut, oat or almond). There are also a lot of ‘accidentally vegan’ products, such as Jus-Rol pastry, which long term vegan customers often look out for.


Alpro is a big name in the plant-based business, and for good reason. They’ve been creating soya products since 1980, meaning they have more than 40 years of experience when it comes to feeding vegans! We stock a huge range of their delicious products, from vegan milk to chocolate mousse.