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What are Kitwave Direct products?
Kitwave Direct products will be delivered directly to your business by our sister company Turner & Wrights, who are part of the Kitwave Group.
How do I know which products are Kitwave Direct products?
Look for the "Kitwave Direct" label on results pages, product detail pages and in the basket.
Do I need a new account before I order Kitwave Direct products?
No, you can purchase Kitwave Direct products on any of your existing Eden Farm accounts.
Do I have to place a separate order for Kitwave Direct products?
No, you can include Kitwave Direct products in your normal chilled and frozen orders.
Can I order Kitwave Direct products with Telesales?
No, Kitwave Direct products are available online only.
Do I have to pay for Kitwave Direct products separately?
No, your Kitwave Direct purchases will be charged to your existing account(s) and you will be able to pay for all your purchases in one payment.
What about invoices and credit notes?
Your Kitwave Direct products will come on a separate invoice. You will automatically receive your Kitwave Direct invoices by email. You can view and download copies of your invoices and credit notes online in the My Account area.
What happens if there is an issue or I want to return a Kitwave Direct product?
Contact us in the normal way and we will help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Will my Kitwave Direct products be delivered with my chilled and frozen purchases?
No, all Kitwave Direct products will be delivered by our sister company, Turner & Wrights, part of the Kitwave Group.
What days can I get Kitwave Direct products delivered?
Customers who are eligible for Kitwave Direct products can view their available delivery days on the My Account page.
Is there a minimum order for Kitwave Direct products?
Yes, the Kitwave Direct part of your order must be at least £250 excluding VAT.

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