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Hot Deals in Cool Weather: Eden Farm’s August Promotions

Hot Deals in Cool Weather: Eden Farm’s August Promotions
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Hot Deals in Cool Weather: Eden Farm’s August Promotions

When the weather starts to turn chilly in the UK, it's easy to think that sales of frozen foods and ice cream would follow suit. However, here at Eden Farm, we don’t believe in weather dictating our successes. With our selection of high-quality brands and exciting promotions, we can keep your shop thriving, regardless of what the forecast says.

In this cool weather, comfort food becomes a top priority for many. So, to kickstart our August promotions, we're offering fantastic deals on SFC Chicken Nuggets, Poppets and Buckets, a BOGOF deal with Goodfella’s Pizzas, as well as the New Zulekha Curry range are perfect for a quick, satisfying meal on a cold day.

We also understand the importance of providing vegetarian options for your diverse customer base. That's why we're offering discounted rates on Quorn's meat-free range. Their delicious and nutritious Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages and Vegetarian Mozzarella 1/4lb Burgers are sure to be a hit with your customers, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike.

And while the weather might not have been screaming for ice cream, the UK’s love for this sweet treat doesn't wane easily and a turn in temperatures in August could change this. With our promotion on Ben & Jerry's ice cream, you can keep your ice cream lovers contented. From the classic Cookie Dough flavour to the decadent Chocolate Fudge Brownie, there’s a Ben & Jerry's delight for everyone.

Take home ice cream are also being featured with a full range of offers from Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs, through to Mars Multipacks. This gives you an opportunity to surprise your customers with additional flavours at no extra cost.

At Eden Farm, we're all about adapting and innovating to make the most of any situation. So, even as we face a chillier August than usual, remember that your customers rely on you to provide them with comforting, delicious food. And we're here to help you deliver just that.

Let’s make the most of these hot deals in the cool weather together. Because at Eden Farm, we believe that every cloud, or in this case, every cold front, brings with it a silver lining of opportunity.

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