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Ice, ice, baby! Why Choose Eden Farm for Ice Cream?

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream. It’s a year-round staple, from impulse buys in the summer to tubs to scoop with pudding as the weather turns, so when you’re looking for an ice cream supplier, a lot of factors come into play. You want industry expertise, plus a wide range of products to choose from. Oh, and a fast turnaround from ordering to filling up the freezer. At Eden Farm Hulleys, we offer all that, plus a personal touch. 


Pick up your panto must-haves at Eden Farm

Pantomime season is upon us. Oh yes it is! We love a good Christmas panto here at Eden Farm: the dame, the double entendres, and a whole lot of family fun. Plus, panto gives us an opportunity to shine... because the go-to snack of the celebrations is always an ice cream.